Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am learning what I love

In my fourth semester at UIS I find yet another great thing about the liberal studies degree I am pursuing - the chance to find out what subjects I really enjoy. So far my favorite courses have been Memoirs Across Cultures, Family Law, and Life-Span Psychology and I was thrilled to be able to achieve high final grades in each of those classes. There has not been any course so far that I have not enjoyed, just some that I struggled a bit more with. I really wanted to get A's in the two science courses I took but after trying my best I settled for a B+ and a B. Not bad though, I really can't complain. It just makes me realize that while I may not become a geologist I have a good shot at being a lawyer or psychologist. But wait a second... how much more schooling do those professions require?! Just kidding! :-)


Beth C. said...

Hi Jennifer, I think that Lifespan Psychology class sounds interesting.I took abnormal psychology this summer. The abnormal psych. is very teacher told us that we might get medical student syndrome (when you study something and then are convinced that you have the disorder).It was funny becuse lots of people in the class reported symptoms of mental illness but we were relieved to learn that you need more than a few symptoms to be diagnosed with a disorder.

Jennifer King said...

Beth, that is too funny about the 'medical student syndrome', it's kind of like going on and convincing yourself that you have one disease after another. When I was taking Lifespan Psych this summer my husband had to tell me to stop analyzing him... he said it was getting annoying :-)