Monday, September 29, 2008

Are We Scared Yet??

Wow, I just checked to catch up on the day's news and I see that the government don't-call-it-a-bailout package failed to pass in the House. In typical fashion the stock market has dropped over 700 points today. Why is it taking so long for Washington to do something about this? No solution is going to perfect of course but I believe we need some kind of hope. Is this just a normal financial cycle we are in or is this completely unprecedented? It seems like everything is getting worse and the bad news keeps coming. Is anyone else really getting worried? Or are we going to be rescued in the final minutes??

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am learning what I love

In my fourth semester at UIS I find yet another great thing about the liberal studies degree I am pursuing - the chance to find out what subjects I really enjoy. So far my favorite courses have been Memoirs Across Cultures, Family Law, and Life-Span Psychology and I was thrilled to be able to achieve high final grades in each of those classes. There has not been any course so far that I have not enjoyed, just some that I struggled a bit more with. I really wanted to get A's in the two science courses I took but after trying my best I settled for a B+ and a B. Not bad though, I really can't complain. It just makes me realize that while I may not become a geologist I have a good shot at being a lawyer or psychologist. But wait a second... how much more schooling do those professions require?! Just kidding! :-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Expect the unexpected

I try to stay as open-minded and flexible as I can in life. I am finding that as I get older this has become a little easier, but has always been challenging for me. I like to know what is ahead and plan accordingly.

Two major news stories in the past couple of days have helped me understand the "expect the unexpected" concept better, because we often have no idea what is waiting around the corner for us. With Hurricane Gustav we watched and waited for "the storm of the century" as New Orleans Mayor Nagin insisted. Luckily it did not materialize with quite that impact for the residents on the Gulf Coast. The second thing is the family issues of the Republican nomination for Vice President. I am guessing that no matter what your political affiliation or personal belief system is that is the last news anyone unexpected to hear.

It goes without saying that we should all try and live our lives one day at a time and not worry too much about what is in store for us. I heard one time that the hardest news of your life will blindside you on a random Tuesday afternoon. Please keep this in mind when you wake up tomorrow with a fresh slate and a day that is yours.